Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hello there Nicolas

Well hello there Nicolas. My youngest as started reading my blog{heee} hes purely nosey seeing what is mummy is getting up to.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Wow two posts in a day{don't faint}

Sorry forgot to say i will post some pics when our jono shows me what to do{i am thick when it comes to computers} hugs again margaretxxxxxxxxx

Sorry for not posting this last week or so

Hi sorry for not posting this last week or so {just so busy} as this month and next are so busy as nearly all my family as birthdays{big ones this year} or anniversaries or weddings and i make all the leavers cards for the staff{i work in a high school} and then tommorow they are interviewing for a tec in reprograpic's where i work . {i do hope someone gets the job i can work with}. And today i have been on a training day with my upline and team{we all took a shoebox swap} and what fun we had. I took along a santa card that i made out of punches{cased off } frenchiejo{i think it was her} I made this at a work shop i had last week and wow did it go down well}. They raved about it. I am so excited as on weds night i will be signing up one of my top customers her name is Janet. Well i will keep you posted about who they set on tommorow{i know three of the people already, two i have known for a couple of years and the other one i met when she came to look round , and then they are two men{i don't know about that}. hugs margaret

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Phew this heat

phew this heat i cannot stand . I will post the samples i have done[hopefully thursday ] as i don't want to spoil tonghts work shop{IT'S CHRISTMAS ] We will be making three cards all todo with that special man we all love . hugs margaret