Thursday, 21 May 2009

Not done much today

Hi i haven't done much today as i have been really busy at ork{i work in the reprograpic's dept at a local high school and all the teachers are wanting revison booklets for the half tearm hols. Then tonite i have just delivered a mass order to a new customer{she lives in macclesfield} what a lovely drive we had and guess who i saw ? WAYNE ROONEY Yes we was stoped at some traffic lights {in Alderley edge} and he was turning into the petrol station. And now i have to do some packing as we are going to germany early sat morning{we are going to see our youngest son {Nicolas} he's at unni in Jena {east germany} to bring back some of his things. {Hes doing a year in germany and loves every moment} well nightie night stamping hugs love Margaret


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